Can You Iron Non-Iron Dress Shirts?

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You shouldn’t have to iron non-iron dress shirts. After all, "non-iron" is right in the name. However, many men sometimes find that their non-iron button-down shirt does not quite live up to the name. 

After all, even the best-made cotton non-iron material can become wrinkled under the right circumstances. Here is what you need to know about ironing non-iron dress shirts, as well as what you can do to make sure you don't ever have to iron your button-down shirt.

Are Non-Iron Dress Shirts Stiffer?

When non-iron men's dress shirts first came out in the 1950s, many men hated them because they found them stiff and uncomfortable. This is because these shirts were treated with formaldehyde to bond strands of fiber, which made fabric stiffer and less likely to wrinkle. 

However, modern technology has made advances in non-iron dress shirts that enables them to resist wrinkles while staying soft and supple. 

Most Comfortable Stretchy Dress Shirts You Never Need To Iron:


How to Avoid Wrinkling Non-Iron Dress Shirts

Ideally, you'll wash and care for your dress shirts in such a way that you won't ever need to iron them. It is much easier to care for non-iron dress shirts than worrying about ironing or dry cleaning your shirts. 

Choose a Great Shirt

The first step to avoiding a wrinkled shirt is choosing the best possible wrinkle-free shirt. You will go through a lot of effort trying to keep a low-quality wrinkle-free shirt looking good. It's better to invest in a great shirt to start with, like Twillory’s best seller SafeCotton non-iron dress shirt, which is:

  • Wrinkle resistant. Treated to make the material very resistant to wrinkling.
  • Chemical-free. Cheaper dress shirts leave chemicals like formaldehyde in the shirt
  • Safe to iron. Being resistant to wrinkles shouldn't mean that the shirt is too delicate to hold up to ironing.
  • Safe to dry. Shirts that can hold up to tumble drying tend to be of a much higher quality than shirts that can't handle a drier.

Use a Laundry Bag

Keep your long sleeve dress shirts looking their best for longer by protecting them when you wash them. Laundry bags help shirts to avoid being crushed, wrinkled, and damaged in the wash. 

It could be especially helpful for protecting buttons and the stiffness of spread collars, point collars, and stretch collars over the years. This is a very easy and inexpensive way to prevent wrinkles in the wash phase no matter if it's a classic fit shirt, slim fit shirt, extra slim fit, or even big and tall!  

Button Up Your Clothes While Spin Drying

High-quality non-iron dress shirts can handle being spun dry, but it helps them to maintain the integrity of collars, buttons, and sleeves if they are fully buttoned. It is best to button before the wash cycle so that you don't have to try to button wet clothes. 

Always be sure to also remove any cufflinks or collar stays before washing your dress shirt. Quality shirts will have removable, rather than built-in, collar stays. 

Short Tumble Dry Cycle 

Use a short tumble cycle, just enough to get out most of the water while maintaining enough moisture that the weight can stretch out wrinkles as the shirt dries. It can be a bit challenging to get this right, so check on your dress shirts as they're drying to make sure that you get them out while there's still a little bit of moisture in them. 

Letting your shirts dry completely may cause wrinkles to be baked into the fabric. Furthermore, taking this extra precaution will help your shirts to look great throughout the years.

Use Wider Hangers

You want the hangers that you use to as closely as possible mimic the shape of your shoulders. The hanger should go out to where the sleeve begins and should be broad enough to avoid creases developing where the shirt hangs unnaturally.  

Hang your shirt up as soon as it is mostly dry, with just a little bit of moisture left throughout the shirt. Use your hands to stretch and shake the shirt to get rid of any creases and cause it to hang naturally. 

Try to get the shirt to hang as much as it would on your own body as possible. Make sure that you leave enough room between hanging shirts for them to dry thoroughly. It’s best to choose somewhere with good air-flow. Considering using a fan if you must dry them indoors. 

Allow Shirts to Hang Freely in Storage

It can be tempting to push shirts together in your closet, especially if you're using wide hangers that take up room. However, dress shirts that are pushed tightly together will almost certainly develop at least a couple of wrinkles if they are stored for any amount of time, regardless of whether they are made from non-iron fabric. Dedicate sufficient room to hanging each shirt and blazer or commit to ironing before wearing.

How to Iron Non-Iron Dress Shirts

If anything went wrong with one of the previous steps, or if your solid dress shirts have been wrinkled for any other reason, you may find it necessary to iron your non-iron shirts. The good news is that the same material that makes these shirts resist wrinkling makes them very easy to iron. 

Forget about the scalding temperatures necessary to flatten the wrinkles from old fashioned cotton dress shirts. Non-iron dress shirts only require gentle ironing at low to medium temperatures. In most cases, you only need to iron a few key areas that have become wrinkled. However, if you want a very crisp shirt, feel free to iron the whole shirt. 

Choose the Best Non-Iron Dress Shirts for Your Wardrobe

If you want a dress shirt that will exceed your expectations in comfort, style, and wrinkle-free qualities, pick a company like Twillory that makes extremely high-quality menswear free of formaldehyde.

You'll love how these cotton shirts feel and look. Wash, tumble dry, and even iron if you want a little bit of extra crispness for the perfect fit. Also, pay attention to the fit guide before buying your next oxford shirt for the perfect shirt fit. You'll appreciate the quality that keeps these shirts looking their best for longer. 


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