Custom Men’s Dress Shirts: The Ultimate Guide

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There’s nothing worse than an ill-fitting dress shirt. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how accurate your measurements are, dress shirts just don’t seem to fit how they should. Why is this? Well, this is because mass-produced shirts tend to run bigger than other shirts so you could very well end up with the dreaded “baggy shirt” look. 

Shirts also might not fit you because you have unique body measurements that don’t fall into the cookie cutter sizes that larger manufacturers offer. In any case, a quality custom men’s dress shirt can be a great way to avoid these issues and end up with a perfect fit that will last you well into the future. 


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Custom Men’s Dress Shirts: The Ultimate Guide

Custom is all the rage these days – from custom jewelry, custom candies, custom blankets, and more, there is no shortage of things that you can have customized and naturally, people love it! As great as these types of custom products are, imagine how great it would be to have custom made clothing that isn’t made for the “average man” but made specifically for you! 

Tailoring your dress shirt is the best way to get the perfect fit. This is a great option for men who have larger or smaller builds that might not fit well into the traditional shirt outlines. But not only do custom men’s dress shirts allow you to use a custom size, but they often allow you to custom design the shirt as well. For example, do you prefer a button-down or are looking for a french cuff. A custom dress shirt can give you a great fit that really reflects your personal style. 


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More Sustainable

A lot of people are concerned about the environment now and want to take steps to limit their waste. Buying custom is a great way to avoid contributing to some of the negative environmental effects of mass production factories. Furthermore, a custom fit men’s dress shirt is of better quality and lasts longer than mass-produced products leading to less waste on your part.


More Bang for Your Buck

Buying a custom dress shirt rather than a regular dress shirt is a great way to get more bang for your buck. Instead of having to buy a bunch of different shirts to fit your needs and style, and having to replace them every so often, you can rely on a solid rotation of great shirts that you love and that will last you a long time. It takes time to tailor and measure shirts so once you find your perfect fit, you can always count on having a high quality, perfect fitting dress shirt. 

Odds are that there will be some feature on a mass-produced shirt that either doesn’t fit you or that you don’t like. So instead of buying shirts and letting them gather dust in your closet until you actually have to wear them, you can really look forward to wearing a great custom shirt that you designed yourself. Another big misconception about custom shirts is that they aren’t very affordable. While there are definitely some expensive options out there, you can also find some really affordable options that might even be the same cost of a regular dress shirt! 

When buying custom dress shirts, you shouldn’t think of them like your regular clothes – these pieces are actual investments that you will get a lot of use out of. And not only will you use them – but you will look and feel good in them because they are literally designed for you. You won’t have to bother with sleeves that are too long or worry if your collar isn’t right, and you will be more productive and more confident as a result. 


Customizable Features

While you might think that a custom shirt only means submitting a custom size, this isn’t necessarily the case! In fact, the best custom shirts offer tons of different custom features so that you can create a shirt that perfectly fits you and your style. Some of these features include fabric, color, pattern, fit, collar, pockets, cuff, placket, yoke, buttons, thread, and embroidery! 

You can have a light blue dress shirt with french cuffs and a monogram if your heart desires. Or if you're simply looking for the perfect tuxedo undershirt that's long sleeves and non-iron then you can have that too! With all these options and new arrivals, the possibilities are really endless. 


Fabric, Color & Pattern

The most obvious customizable feature of custom dress shirts is your ability to choose the fabric, color and pattern of your shirt. While the look of a shirt is definitely important, the feel might be even more so! It’s hard to love a shirt that looks good but is totally uncomfortable and scratchy on your skin. Most dress shirts are made out of 100% cotton, but there are also some that are a blend of cotton and polyester with nylon sometimes added into the mix. 

Cotton is a great material that is very visually appealing and also provides good ventilation to help keep you cool. However, a nice cotton shirt can be a little bit expensive and is also more prone to wrinkles. Cotton/polyester blends, while cheaper, still look relatively nice and don’t wrinkle as easily but they can get pretty hot in warm weather.

The material that is best for you will probably depend on your body and your lifestyle. For example, if you get hot easily and sweat a lot, then a cotton shirt might be a better fit to help keep you cooler. However, if you work in a freezing office or are always cold in general, then a cotton/polyester blend might be better for you. 

When it comes to color and pattern, this is largely up to you, your style, and your ideal function for the shirt. But here are some general tips: white is still the most popular color for dress shirts and can be used with a variety of different suit and pants colors. Since it’s extremely versatile, getting a custom white dress shirt would definitely be a good investment for your wardrobe. 

At the same time, you shouldn’t limit yourself to white either! Blue is the second most popular color for dress shirts and a nice blue shirt is also a great staple for your wardrobe. If you want to show a little more personality, consider going with other colors like light pink or maybe a nice red. Pattern is another great way to show some pizzazz in your dress shirts. Some of the most popular patterns include stripes and checks, but there are also more flashy patterns out there like floral or paisley that really help you stand out. 


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The fit of your shirt is also really important and will vary based on your body type and lifestyle. Most commonly, there are three main types of dress shirt fits: classic, slim, and modern. However, with Twillory the three main fits you can expect to see are extra trim, tailored, and traditional. 

Traditional shirts are the more classic look and were originally meant to be worn with a suit jacket so they are generally made to be baggier. 

Extra trim fits, similar to the commonly known slim fits, are a newer look that is more fashionable without a jacket, but might be more restrictive and look the best on men with a slimmer build. 

Finally, the tailored fit is a nice mix of the two because it can look good without a jacket, still provides some room for movement, and looks good on men with an average build. With Twillory’s fit options, you can get the perfect fit guarantee.



A shirt collar is an easily overlooked detail of a dress shirt that can have a huge effect on the overall look of the shirt. While the most common collar type is a pointed style, there are actually 12 different collar styles that you can choose from when creating your custom shirt. 



There’s nothing worse than shopping for a shirt, finding one you like, and then noticing that it has a giant pocket where you don’t want one! Custom shirts eliminate this problem by letting you choose your pocket style. The most formal shirts don’t have any pockets, semi-formal shirts have one pocket, and casual shirts have two pockets. You can choose your pockets based on what you want to use the shirt for.

Now you’re prepared with a bunch of knowledge on how to find and choose a custom dress shirt that fits your needs. You might just like them so much that you won’t want to wear anything else for work, nights out and fancy occasions.

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