How Many Dress Shirts Do I Need?

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Every man has at least a few dress shirts in his wardrobe, but how many dress shirts do you really need? Whether your closet is overflowing and you think it may be time to pare down or you only have a couple of shirts and wonder whether you should purchase more, here's what you need to know about how many dress shirts a man should have.

How Often do you Wear Dress Shirts?

The first question in determining how many dress shirts you need is finding out how often you wear them. If you wear a dress shirt to work every day (especially without an undershirt) and favor them for after-work occasions and doing things on the weekend as well, you will surely need more dress shirts than if you only wear them to the occasional formal event. 

Some men have as many as 70 dress shirts and don’t think they have too many. On the other hand, many men find themselves addicted to the dopamine spike of buying things and end up with far more shirts than they know what to do with. Here are some considerations to help you decide how many dress shirts you need depending on how you wear them.

How Many Dress Shirts Do You Need for the Office? 

If you wear a dress shirt to the office every day but generally don't wear them on many other occasions, you won't need as much variety. Dress shirts that are appropriate for the office are generally of muted colors and mild designs. They should not have pockets on the front. 

If you do your laundry every week, in theory, you'd only need 5 dress shirts. However, this isn't enough for a couple of reasons:

Most Comfortable Stretchy Dress Shirts You Never Need To Iron:

More Shirts Spread Out Wear and Tear

If you wear a dress shirt every week, it will take a lot more wear. You'll only be able to wear your shirt for a few months on average before it starts to look a bit faded and worn. This is especially true if you need to iron the shirt. 

A quality, wrinkle-free shirt that you don't need to iron will look good for much, much longer. That said, it is still worth having at least 10 to 15 dress shirts in your wardrobe to reduce wear and tear. You’ll be able to wear each shirt for longer and still have it look perfect.

Having A Variety of Dress Shirts Makes a Good Impression 

Don't be that guy in the office who always wears his fun shirt on Friday. Having variety in your shirts is just as important as having high-quality shirts. Even if most of your shirts have a similar look, people can tell the difference between shirts that just look similar and the same shirt. You may find that you make a better impression in the office if you use your dress shirts to express your mood and style. Just got a promotion? Wear a bold dress shirt that screams, “I'm a success!”  Feeling the Mondays in a meaningful sort of way? Wear a somber dress shirt that matches your mood.

How Many Dress Shirts do You Need for Casual Wear?

Too many men are missing the opportunity to wear dress shirts as casual wear. In a world that is becoming increasingly focused on dressing down, men who choose to dress up a little bit give an impression of confidence and class. 

If you are wearing dress shirts for casual occasions, you'll need considerably more and different shirts than for the office. Here are some casual opportunities to wear a dress shirt and the kind of shirt that you’ll want for each.

Dress Shirts are Perfect for Dates and Get-Togethers

A dress shirt can be an awesome pick for all kinds of social gatherings. If you're ever unsure how formal the dress code at a given event will be, it's always better to err on the side of formality.

Better to be overdressed than underdressed. A great example of a dressed down dress shirt is this skull shirt--it’s the perfect way to wear a dress shirt for more casual gatherings and adjust how formal you look at the event. This very cool shirt has a unique skull print in the lining for the collar and the sleeves. 

When you have the shirt fully buttoned and the sleeves rolled down, the print won't be visible and it will look like any other formal dress shirt. However, if you unbutton the first couple of buttons and roll up the sleeves, the skull print is revealed. This is the perfect look for any date or casual gathering: edgy but classy. 

Dress Shirts Keep you Classy at the Club 

If you want to look your best when you go out, wearing a dress shirt is a good way to go. Choose a tailored fit that flatters your body. Non-iron stretch fabric is definitely the way to go for a club dress shirt. 

You want complete freedom of movement so that nothing will get in the way of dancing. An untuckable length will look perfect with your favorite pair of jeans. 

If you really want to have some fun with your dress shirt at the club, pick a high-quality but fun shirt like this non-iron dress shirt with glow-in-the-dark details. Your shirt won't stand out too much, since only the buttons and some of the stitching are glow-in-the-dark, but these details can make all the difference and get the attention you want when you are at the club.

Dress Shirts are Ideal for Outdoors Activities

You may not think about a dress shirt for outdoor activities, but in fact, dress shirts are very practical for all kinds of activewear. Being able to roll up the sleeves lets you adjust your temperature depending on your activity level and the weather. A quality dress shirt that is made of a moisture-wicking and hyper-breathable material will keep you incredibly comfortable no matter what you're up to.

So, How Many Dress Shirts Does a Man Need?

If you are wearing dress shirts to their full potential, you may be surprised by how many you end up needing. You'll need at least a dozen dress shirts just for the office at a bare minimum. Add to that a handful of great shirts for casual gatherings, dates, outdoor activities, and going to the club, and you'll probably find that around 20 to 30 dress shirts is right for most men. This may seem like a lot, but replacing some of the t-shirts and polos in your closet with great dress shirts is sure to up your style game for every activity!



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