Performance Tee

Performance Tee
Performance Tee
Performance Tee
Performance Tee
Performance Tee

Performance Tee

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Working out or working in, these tees give you max performance without sacrificing comfort or style. Always keep a few of these go-to staples on hand for lounging, late nights or lunges. Read More Read Less


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  • Performance Poly Stretch Fabric
  • Tailored Fit
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Wrinkle Free
  • Cooling Tech
  • Quick-Drying
  • Reflective Back Logo
  • Tag Free
  • Anti-UV

Working out or working in, these tees give you max performance without sacrificing comfort or style. Always keep a few of these go-to staples on hand for lounging, late nights or lunges.

Because You Asked…

Performance tee shirts are a modern approach to your classic tee shirt. They’re designed with performance, quality, and comfort in mind. Currently trending and growing in popularity as more are discovering the advantages of the men's performance tee over your basic cotton tee. Twillory’s Men's Performance T Shirts offer max performance with incredible comfort and expert styling. Keep reading to learn more about stretching style and comfort to new heights.

What Does a Performance T-Shirt Mean?

Men’s Performance T-Shirts can be recognized by their intentional fit and material. The fit is designed to be comfortable AND flattering without being restrictive. With Performance Tee Shirts you’re able to move around freely and enjoy styling it for the gym or with your favorite pair of slacks.

Our performance poly stretch fabric is specifically chosen to be breathable,  moisture wicking, and wrinkle-free. All of this makes performance tshirts versatile and ideal for your active and professional lifestyle. Never be caught looking sweaty, sloppy, or unprofessional.

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Because we all love to look and feel good, it’s no wonder that our performance athleisure style clothing is one of the things taking off in the world of men’s clothing. Plus, it’s affordable. We take great pride in delivering value to our customers.

What's The Difference Between A Premium T-Shirt And A Regular T-Shirt?

What really sets premium men’s performance t-shirts apart from basic t-shirts is the water wicking technology of the performance material. Basically, our performance t-shirts will become your regular everyday t-shirt, just way better. Once you put one on, you won’t want to take it off. 

Because we know life’s not stationary, we’ve made clothes to keep up. From work to after school soccer practice, a performance t-shirt can take you through the day, all while keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable. 

Attain a wardrobe with top performance that’ll transition from a casual work meeting to the gym. No wrinkles here and they’re incredibly versatile. Don’t compromise with Twillory Performance Shirts.

What Is A Performance T-Shirt Made Of?

The fabric used to make performance t-shirts can vary depending on the brand, manufacturer, and how the brand is intending for the shirt to work. Common fabric materials can include: 

  • Nylon:  Nylon as a material has great water wicking properties. This can obviously help keep you cool and dry even during your toughest workouts.
  • Rayon: Like polyester, rayon is also very lightweight and breathable. 
  • Spandex: Spandex, you probably already know what it’s known for; stretching and quite literally moving with your body. Plus, it’s moisture wicking. 
  • Cotton: Cotton is one of the oldest fabrics around. It is also great for absorbing moisture since it has small pores to soak up sweat without feeling sticky or uncomfortable. 
  • Synthetic blends: Different fabric blends are often made with multiple materials to create different effects. Generally, performance shirts utilize blends for optimum performance. 
  • Polyester: Polyester is moisture-wicking, strong, and lightweight. Plus, it can hold shape after being washed (hint hint less wrinkles anyone?). For these reasons and more, polyester is our choice for our Performance T-Shirts, all made with poly stretch fabric that’s wrinkle free.

Do Performance Shirts Fit Tighter?

As you probably guessed, they can fit “tighter.” But, it’s not the same as tight jeans. We like to think of it as just fitting better. 

Performance shirts often have a tighter fit than a regular dress shirt or basic tshirt. Made with poly stretch fabric, they have added stretch and breathability thus influencing a tighter more form fitting fit. 

This means your performance shirts will be cut closer to your body, showing off your athletic frame without sacrificing stretch and movement. 

The Twillory Performance T Shirt fit is designed to be slimming and contouring to accentuate your best features and hide the areas you might want less attention on. If you’re concerned about the fit being too tight, but still want something that’ll keep you cool, dry, and comfortable, we’d recommend going up a size just to be safe. 

Is Dry Fit And Performance The Same Thing?

For some added insight, dry fit t-shirts are often made from 100% polyester or can be constructed from a blend of synthetic fibers like polyester, spandex, and elastane. 

Similarly, Twillory Men’s Performance Tee Shirts are made with a blend of high performing materials. What sets performance shirts apart from dry fit shirts, is the overall fit. Performance T-Shirts are known for their tailored and stylish fit.

Performance shirts are often moisture wicking or dry fit. Set aside the confusion and stick with t-shirts that offer it all and then some, shop Twillory Performance T-Shirts today. 

Are More Expensive T-Shirts Worth It?

Like most things in life, if it brings you joy, comfort, and confidence, it can absolutely be worth it. Performance T-Shirts can bring you true comfort and breathability, while also providing a stylish fit that compliments your frame. 

Confidence and comfort is key and easily worth the investment. Thankfully at Twillory we take great pride in delivering quality without breaking the bank. At Twillory you can afford to stock up on your favorite versatile wardrobe staples.

Which Is Better Cotton Or Dri Fit?

Let’s get right to the point, dry fit apparel is mostly constructed of polyester, which is a high performing and versatile fabric. Dry fit clothes are often designed to have a stylish fit and be moisture wicking. Keeping the body dry and cool. 

Generally, when it comes to being stylish, wrinkle resistant, quick drying, and keeping you fresh and dry, then dry fit fabric performs much better than cotton.