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Because You Asked…

With so many types and colors of men's underwear, you may want clarity on which is best for you. Men's brief underwear is a popular choice as it works well whether you're sitting in an office or out being active. Men's brief underwear has a natural crease between the body and the leg, which leads to more support and less bunching. Keep reading to learn what your underwear may say about you.

How To Fold Mens Underwear

If you're looking to save space or eliminate the dresser drawer mess, there are a few ways to fold your men's boxer briefs. One method is to fold in thirds vertically and then horizontally, tucking the briefs into the elastic band. Another method is to roll your briefs into the elastic band to hold it all together. Imagine how you might fold clothing when you are trying to fit it in a tight suitcase, like that!

How To Wash Colored Underwear

There are a few tips to keep in mind if you are trying to keep your colorful underwear looking bright and new. Washing your underwear inside out may help to reduce color wear and ensure a better clean too. Air drying may also help increase color longevity. Lastly, you can also wash your colored underwear separately from other clothes on a delicate cycle.

What Color Underwear Do Guys Like

Men's underwear comes in many styles and colors. Common favorite men's underwear colors for guys include black, blue, red, gray, and white.

What Color Underwear Do Women Like On Men

The color of your underwear can mean a lot more than you think. With black men's brief underwear being a common favorite for women, this article will talk more about the various colorful underwear meanings so you can find out what women may think of the men's brief underwear you rock.

What Color Underwear To Wear On New Years

If you believe in superstition, you may have heard that the color of underwear you wear on the New Year may set the tone for the rest of the year. So, what color of men's underwear should you wear to match your resolutions? If you're looking for a year of fiscal growth, yellow underwear signifies wealth and money. If you're aiming to lose some pounds, blue underwear signifies wellness and health. If you're ready to get back on the dating scene, pull out the red briefs for a year of passion.

What Color Underwear To Wear Under White Pants

What underwear to wear under white pants will depend on the thickness of the pant material. Under very thin white material, you would definitely want to aim for a color that is closest to your skin color or nude. If you're wearing thicker trousers, a pair of any neutral color men's brief underwear should work. This may include grays, light browns, or tans.

What Does Your Underwear Color Say About You

Whether you find yourself in your staple black boxer briefs or in your favorite blues, you may be wondering what the color of your underwear says about you. Black men's underwear has been said to convey a sense of power or authority. With blue being a common second favorite, it has been said to represent charm or honesty. Not leaving out the other colors: green is soothing, pink is playful, and yellow can be joyful. What color of men's underwear is your favorite?

What Is The Best Underwear For Men

Choosing the best underwear for men comes down to a few key musts, including; comfort, support, and breathability. The best men's underwear should not just feel comfortable; it should be supportive and breathable as you go through your day. Twillory's buttery soft men's performance briefs are all of that and more. The anti-ride-up fabric allows you to get up from your desk without tugging from the outside of your pants to adjust your boxer briefs. Men, we've all seen it. Twillory's moisture-wicking fabric and cooling tech are just what you need to keep you cool and comfortable. Read next to find out just how important this cooling feature is when looking for the best men's underwear.

Which Type Of Underwear Is Best For Men's Health

Finding the right type of men's underwear plays a critical role in men's overall health and comfort. One of the biggest concerns with not having good quality underwear is that the fabric itself can lead to some serious discomfort or health concerns. Men's underwear that is not good quality can be made from materials that are not breathable and actually hold moisture. Now, it's no secret that it can get incredibly warm down there. That warmth causes sweat to build up, which in turn may cause skin irritations, including chafing and possibly infection. The last thing you want is to be waddling through the office due to chafing or trying to hide the need to itch down there from an infection. The key to avoiding these incredibly unpleasant outcomes is to find moisture-wicking men's brief underwear to keep you cool and dry. Twillory's men's performance boxer briefs are designed with sweat-wicking fabrics including cotton, rayon, and spandex-- intended to keep you dry and irritation free.

Why Do Men's Underwear Have A Hole In The Front

The hole in the front of men's brief underwear may serve more than you think. Men's brief underwear can have a hole in the front intended for men to urinate without having to pull down their boxer briefs. If you're thinking to yourself, "I never use that hole in the front of my underwear to urinate," you're not alone. Many men share that in fact they don't use that hole to urinate at all. Guess what? The holes in the front of men's boxer briefs also act as a vent system to keep that area cool and dry. Twillory's performance boxer briefs have been designed with 'gent vents' that provide airflow where you need it most. Our Men's Performance Brief provides the comfort, support, and cooling tech you need for whatever the day has in store. Twillory specializes in performance clothing and undergarments that are meant for everyday life. Our high-quality materials and affordable prices are something we're dedicated to for our customers. Slip-on dreamy men's underwear. . . shop Twillory underwear today!