Performance Is Paramount

Every garment is crafted for fit, feel and function.


Clothes maintain the man - not the other way around.

Our mission is to complete every man’s wardrobe with comfortable, convenient garments that are as easy on the wallet as they are to wear and care for.

How it started...

Twillory was founded in 2014 by a group of neighborhood friends and families, hardworking immigrants from Europe and South America with deep experience in the garment industry.

We felt that what passed for "performance" menswear at the time didn't deserve an encore. We came together to raise the bar, innovating better and more appropriate fabrics to maximize performance and comfort.

Better Fabrics

Soft but durable for lasting comfort - no dry-clean or ironing necessary.

Better Fits

Whether you live untucked or buttoned up, your Twillory size will always run true.

Better Price

The more you buy, the more you save.

How it's going...

Today, we continue to provide tailored garments that look as good as they feel. Every Twillory product is conceived and crafted for versatility, functionality and most importantly comfort - never simply to keep pace with trends.

What began as a heritage company has become a comfort-first catalyst for the evolution of menswear, uniquely poised for a fast-changing world where stuffy dress shirts are a thing of the past.

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