We’ve all been here: five o’clock on a Wednesday, late to our last meeting of a long day, and we catch a glimpse of our shirt in the mirror. Or more accurately, the thing covering our torso that began the day as a shirt, but now looks more like the U.S. Constitution; well-loved, but very well-wrinkled.

Thankfully, this situation is easily remedied. Enter the non-iron shirt, mankind’s answer to the question, “What if I hate wrinkles and ironing with equal passion?” Since their debut in the 1990’s, these shirts have exploded in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. A shirt that stays crisp all day long, without the work of ironing? Sign us up, right?!

Not so fast, actually.

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It turns out that most non-irons currently on the market are hiding a dirty little secret behind their extra-stiff collars: formaldehyde. Yeah, the same chemical used to embalm mummies. It’s a carcinogen that works as a preservative, and most non-iron fabric is bathed in resin washes containing unsafe levels of it.

So what’s a guy to do? Throw in the non-iron towel?

Not us. Instead, we created SafeCotton, a cutting-edge technology that delivers true non-iron fabric with none of the dangers. Thanks to a revolutionary redesign of the molecular treatment process, our process virtually removes chemicals and wrinkles.

It’s the kind of safer, softer breakthrough your closet’s been waiting for. With options ranging from classic (Blue French CuffWhite) to casual (Pink/Blue OvercheckAmericana) these non-irons will keep your collar crisp well past closing time, no matter the occasion.

And the best part? They’ll feel great the entire time, for far longer than other non-irons. Because while formaldehyde might keep fabric stiff, it also keeps it itchy, and breaks down the fibers faster over time. Not ideal if you enjoy: A) comfort, and: B) shirts that last longer than a half-dozen rounds through a washing machine. But if you do, SafeCotton is for you. It delivers incredible handfeel with no wrinkles, but also doesn’t require a box of power tools to break in.

Which, if you ask us, isn’t the craziest thing to expect of your shirts.