Collar Stays - 3 Pairs

Collar Stays - 3 Pairs

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Cure the infamous Collar Curl with these handy accessories. In a pinch they can also serve as a letter opener, screwdriver or guitar pick. Never run out of metal collar stays again.


Cure the infamous Collar Curl with these handy accessories. In a pinch they can also serve as a letter opener, screwdriver or guitar pick. Never run out of metal collar stays again.


Cure the infamous Collar Curl with these handy accessories. In a pinch they can also serve as a letter opener, screwdriver or guitar pick. Never run out of metal collar stays again.


Cure the infamous Collar Curl with these handy accessories. In a pinch they can also serve as a letter opener, screwdriver or guitar pick. Never run out of metal collar stays again.

Because You Asked…

When you want to look sharp, especially when you are attending a big event or a professional meeting, it can be  the little details that make a big difference. To ensure that you achieve that perfect, polished look, two of these important details are using collar stays that go inside of men's dress shirts. Collar stays are small, flat inserts that go inside the underside of a dress shirt collar to provide structure and stiffness. 

You don’t want to have to worry about your collar curling or bending at your big event or causing you to look unkempt. Your collar should be flat and smooth without wrinkling. To achieve a crisp collar and collar points, you need to wear metal collar stays. 

What Is The Best Type Of Collar Stay?

The best kind of collar stays are metal because they are more effective at holding a collar in place, and less likely to bend or warp, compared to the plastic variety, which can be flimsy. Metal collar stays offer a better crisp and refined appearance. 

Do Metal Collar Stays Work?

Metal collar stays work to keep collars in place and to maintain their shape. Their weight and width support the collar and prevent collar tips from curling or warping.

Are Collar Stays Supposed To Stay In?

When metal collar stays are inserted properly into the designated pockets on the collar, they stay in and provide stability to help the collar maintain a sharp, neat look. 

How Do You Make A Collar Stay In Place?

To make sure your collar will stay in place, locate your collar stay pockets in your shirt. Most dress shirts have small pockets on the underside of the collar where stays can be inserted. They can be found on the collar points. Slide your collar stays into the collar stay pockets making sure that the stay is positioned flat against the collar to reach the full length of the pocket. Make sure both collar stays are inserted symmetrically and aligned with both each other and the collar’s shape. Run your hands over your collar to smooth it out and keep it flat. Check for proper fit. Close your shirt and button it up to test it. Your collar should be held in place without any curling or flopping. The stays should make it stiff. If it isn’t you may need to adjust the position of the stays. 

Do You Wash Shirts With Collar Stays In?

Collar stays should be removed before laundering or ironing a shirt, because they may cause damage to the fabric of the shirt or create safety hazards when washing or ironing.

What's The Purpose Of Metal Collar Stays And How Do They Differ From Plastic?

Metal collar stays are known for their durability and rigidity. Compared to flimsy plastic collar stays, metal stays hold the collar in place better due to their sturdiness. 

How To Insert Metal Collar Stays Into Different Types Of Dress Shirt Collars?

Inserting metal collar stays into different types of dress shirts requires basically the same process. Locate the collar stay pockets on the underside of the collar points. Insert a collar stay into each pocket and slide it to the edge of the collar point. Make sure the collar stay lies flat against the collar fabric and adjust it to align with the collar’s shape.

Are Metal Collar Stays Compatible With All Dress Shirt Collar Styles?

Most dress shirt collars are compatible with metal collar stays. Point collars, spread collars, button-down collars and wingtip collars often used on formal shirts worn with tuxedos, usually can all be worn with metal collar stays. Some shirts come with plastic or fabric built-in collar stays.

What Are The Advantages Of Metal Collar Stays?

One of the advantages of metal collar stays is that they don’t break like plastic stays do. Metal collar stays are durable, and contribute to a well groomed look that is refined. They retain their shape and withstand repeated use, offering stability and support to help maintain the shape of the collar. Metal collar stays are versatile for different dress shirt collar styles. They’re cost effective because they are reusable.

Can Metal Collar Stays Be Customized For Various Collar Sizes And Shapes?

Collar stays come in different sizes and shapes. 2 inch metal collar stays should fit a standard men’s dress shirt. Metal collar stays can be customized in many ways and can be engraved.

Do Metal Collar Stays Rust Or Corrode Over Time?

Metal collar stays made of stainless steel are designed to be durable and rust-resistant. They are known for their ability to withstand moisture. When collar stays come into contact with corrosive substances they could get damaged. To minimize this risk, remove them from your dress shirt prior to washing. Storing your metal collar stays in a dry, well ventilated place will help prevent moisture build-up while extending their lifespan. 

Can Metal Collar Stays Be Left In During Shirt Laundering?

You should remove your metal collar stays before you launder your shirts so both your shirt and your metal collar stays don’t get damaged or lost, or damage your washing machine. Dry cleaning may ruin metal stays too so it's best to remove them first when possible.

Are Metal Collar Stays Reusable Or Intended For Single Use Only?

Metal collar stays can be used repeatedly and make a good investment for the long term. Plastic stays need to be replaced frequently and often break. 

How To Reshape Metal Collar Stays To Achieve Specific Collar Styles?

With careful bending, you can reshape metal collar stays to your specific type of collar style. Remove the stays from your shirt before reshaping them. Identify the areas that need to be adjusted and make small changes so you don’t overbend. Refine the shape and place back into the shirt collar, checking the shape until you achieve your desired shape. 

How To Clean And Maintain Metal Collar Stays Properly?

To clean your metal collar stays, you can wipe them with a soft cloth and remove any dirt, residue or build-up. You can use a mild soap if you need to but avoid using harsh chemicals that might damage them. Rinse and dry them off. Ensure they are completely dry before you store them  and keep them in a dry area that is well ventilated. 

Making an investment in our Twillory metal collar stays will give you confidence that you will always look your best. At Twillory we want to ensure you are flawlessly well attired. 

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