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I am a financial advisor and I have been struggling because of skin sensitivity with all types of dress shirts. My profession normally wears very uncomfortable clothes. This shirt is soft, breathable, and flexible.

Twillory   Andrew W.

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Because You Asked…

Whether you are looking to stay warm or protect yourself in public, a face covering is a staple need for men’s wardrobe these days. If you are a man who likes to keep a classy look, you're probably trying to find a comfortable option that doesn’t ding your style rep. You have probably seen it all when it comes to masks in the past few years, so what fabric option is best and how do you ensure it keeps you looking classy too? Twillory’s got you covered. Keep reading as we uncover tips for mastering the scarf mask.

Can I Use A Silk Scarf For A Face Mask?

If you’ve endured some colder weather, you may have found yourself trying to pull your scarf over your face because it’s just that freaking cold. A silk scarf mask may be tempting as it is somewhat breathable and let’s be honest it probably looks pretty cool too. One problem, it slides off your face and leaves you exposed to the frost cold morning air. Next thing you know, your exposed nose is as red as Rudolph and you’re left frustrated trying to tie that thing back up. Read more as we expose the ultimate solution to face and neck warmth, with a classy twist.

How Do You Wear A Scarf Like A Mask?

Many things have been dual purposed into masks in the past few years thanks to this pandemic. If you’ve been in cold weather, you may have also found yourself trying to sneak your scarf over your mouth and nose for protection. People have used scarves as face masks by folding them and tying them around their head. Much like you would do if you were tying a bandana around your face for protection. One problem with this crafty solution, it slips or becomes untied. Check out Twillory’s collection of Maskarfs, the classy, comfortable, and breathable neck gaiter solution.

What Is A Mask Scarf Called?

The ultimate duo for warmth and protection, a mask and scarf, can be called by some a neck gaiter. We call ours, a Maskarf. Twillory’s scarf mask for men, the Maskarf, is the ultimate winter staple you won’t want to leave the house without. Because there is nothing more annoying than constantly having to adjust your maskarf in the cold, Twillory’s Maskarf was designed with comfort in mind. The pulley in the back with the adjustable metal nose bridge allows you to have your maskarf fitting, not falling off your face.

What Is The Point Of A Neck Gaiter?

Twillory’s Maskarf is the ultimate neck gaiter face mask, designed to keep you protected and looking good. Because protection shouldn’t come at the cost of comfort or class. Neck gaiters have many uses including protection from weather, dust, and even germs. Neck gaiter face masks are intended to be used in any weather. On cold days, the covering keeps your face and neck protected from the crisp air. On a sunny day on the boat or even on the golf course, a neck gaiter can prevent the back of your neck from too much sun exposure. Finding a neck gaiter with breathable fabric is key to allow you to go about the day without feeling the need to take it off.

Why Is It Called A Neck Gaiter?

In recent years, neck gaiters have gained some serious popularity. As initially a neck weather protector, neck gaiters have found their way to be the ultimate staple for even public setting protection (cough cough, covid). Although incredibly popular, have you ever stopped to question what the term gaiter even means? Much like the term ‘aglet,’ you know that little piece of plastic at the end of your shoelace, the term gaiter is relatively unknown to folks. Ready for a fun fact? The term gaiter refers to an ankle covering intended to go over the bottom part of the pant onto the shoe to keep debris out. Perfect for protection from rocks and debris out in nature, or to protect from the dreaded mosquito ankle bites. The neck gaiter mask is similar in that it is a piece of cloth intended for use of protection, typically for warmth or sun shielding. There you have it, the term gaiter mask is now in your repertoire of vocabulary, and you’ll want to be sure it is a part of your wardrobe too. A neck gaiter face mask is perfect for guys on the go who like to keep a classy look. Twillory’s Maskarf is made from breathable and stretchy fabric, making it easy to take on and off, but comfortable enough to wear all day long. No strings pulling at the ears, and no bulk around the neck. Pure class, and the breathable fabric makes it a breeze to keep on through the day. If you aren’t a neck gaiter guy, that’s alright too-- check out our collection of face masks and scarves. If you’re looking for the perfect accessory to keep you warm, we’ve got you covered ---literally. Our super soft, super cozy, and 10/10 classy Twillory cashmere blended scarf will keep you feeling warm and looking classy, no doubt. Better fabrics. Better fits. Better price. Shop Twillory today!