“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Nowhere is this tidy maxim more true than in the world of menswear, where every year brings its own fresh oddities (rompers, anyone?). Still, we can always count on the resurrection of some mainstay like pique polos or the Blue Houndstooth to balance it out.

Classics never go out of style for many reasons, but one of the biggest is pretty simple: versatility. The more use you can get out of a piece of clothing, the better. Oh, and that goes double if it works in both formal and casual settings.

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The origins of the fabric itself are a bit muddled, lying either in a small town somewhere in Brittany, or a (mis?)translation by Dutch traders in the 1610’s of a Malaysian word meaning “striped,” “ajar,” or “perishable.” Either way, the takeaway here isn’t the origin of the word itself. It’s the fabric, because that’s where the secret to gingham’s staying power is found: due to the fact that the yarn is dyed before weaving, there is no wrong side in respect to color.


Basically, you could wear gingham inside-out and it still works.

How’s that for versatility? No matter the occasion, gingham comes through. Dark denim and a blazer? Gingham, duh. Khakis and chukkas? Gimme those sweet, sweet checks. Chinos and Chuck Taylors? I’ll take “gingham” for 800 please, Alex. Whatever the problem, gingham is always a viable answer.

Of course, this also begs the question: when does a good thing actually become too much of a good thing? Well, a strong case can be made for 2012, when a lot of us were stocking at least a gingham shirt or four in our rotations. In fact, each and every one of us probably knew someone who wore That Shirt. You did, right? We definitely did.

Thankfully, we’re not in 2012 anymore, and gingham has evolved. We should know, because we helped evolve it. Gone are the days of navy and white. And in their place? We’ve created a whole gallery of gingham options for every possible occasion.

Feeling so fresh & so clean, clean? Try the Sky Gingham or Ranger Gingham.

Want to stand out in a crowd? Light it up, with the Firefighter Gingham.

Need something bold and classic? Order your whisky neat, and throw on the Lumberjack.

Or maybe you’re looking for a jolt of something new? Turn a few extra heads with the Brown & Blue.

Whatever the situation requires, you can rest assured you’ll look good in a Twillory Gingham. No, not just because each shirt features game-changing design touches like perfect tail length, brushed nickel collar stays, and a genuine slim fit. But because with five centuries of history backing it up, we know one thing for sure: gingham is here to stay.

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